Ways to lose weight without dieting and sports were confirmed by science

Several ways to become slimmer without resorting to the restriction of the diet and the gym, found scientific confirmation. This was reported by the British newspaper the Independent, the publication of which is approved: weight loss does not always require supercilii.

In particular, the publication appeals to the research staff of the University in Tennessee, which confirmed the prevailing popular theory that weight loss promote dairy and particularly dairy products. Scientists have found that people who use these products three times a day, 70 percent lose weight faster in comparison with those whose intake of milk is missing.

Also in the list of scientifically proven ways to lose weight without strict dieting and sports became a method of “glass of water before meals”. Experts do recommend it as a reliable: a glass of water before each meal helps to improve metabolism and eat less food.

In addition, dieters should start smaller to use transport and to move more. Scientists have confirmed that a 30 minute walk a day will help keep the whole body toned. In turn, the expert on weight loss fitness trainer Geralyn Coopersmith says that even 20 minutes of physical activity a day is enough for weight loss if to move actively. “If, during the advertising block on TV to get up off the couch and do a set of exercises, soon you can see the result,” said Coopersmith.

The effectiveness of thorough mastication of food is also confirmed scientifically. Studies have shown that the way a person eats 12 percent less while not feeling hungry because thorough chewing increases the absorption of food.

In summary, the researchers stated: people who managed to lose weight and keep your new weight in most cases do not skip Breakfast and eat healthy.