Two days a week will help to lose weight

As you know, the best way to become slimmer is by reducing calorie intake and volume of food. However, many complain that it is very difficult all the time to diet. Experts have found a way out of this situation. It turns out that in order for the extra pounds are gone, it is enough to monitor their diet two days a week.

In their experiment, the scientists divided the women into three groups: the volunteers followed the Mediterranean diet 1500 calories per day, the second ate normally, except for two days a week, when it was impossible to eat carbs and consume more than 650 calories; a third group also in these two days did not eat carbs, but calories were not restricted.

As a result, representatives of the second and third groups had lost an average of 4 pounds. Participants in the diet group dropped only 2.5 kg.

According to scientists, the refusal of carbohydrate foods twice a week is given to women easier than the constant need to limit yourself to food, so they lose weight more. Moreover, they improve the hormones insulin and leptin, which are associated with development of breast cancer.

If twice a week to avoid foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. – to maintain her figure slim will be much easier, experts are convinced. Instead, better to include in the diet foods rich in protein and healthy fats – nuts, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, broccoli and greens.