Traditional methods of treatment of impotence in men


On reception at the sexologist can meet a lot of men who think this problem hopelessly unsolvable for the rest of my life. But they’re wrong — it’s absolutely not true! You will help sildenafil. Don’t forget that this disease is known for centuries, folk medicine has always come to the aid of sufferers. There are a lot of drugs in nature, by which the former will gain a man’s strength (potency). Below are a few such drugs:

  • to restore physiological erection you can, if daily 2-3 times a day, drink one tablespoon fresh juice of cilantro and parsley, taken in equal proportions. Try to have at his Desk this healing herbs all year round;
  • for the treatment of impotence need tincture of aralia, which you can buy in a pharmacy or make yourself at home: you need to insist 10-14 days of crushed roots of plants in 70-percent ethyl alcohol in the ratio of 1:5. After straining take it twice a day before meals 15 drops, squeezed small amounts of water. The course of treatment — 14 days;
  • young people suffering from impotence will help ordinary onions, which due to its content of beneficial active substances increases libido (sexual desire) and stimulates the activity of male sex glands; the method of preparation of therapeutic drugs: grind grated 2-3 fresh onions of medium size, pour the resulting slurry with two cups of warm boiled water and leave the lid on for 3-4 hours. Drink the entire infusion during the day, divided into 3-4 reception;
  • enhances potency means cooked parsnip thoroughly mix 4 tablespoons of crushed roots of plants and 6 tablespoons sugar; add to the mixture two cups of boiling water and simmer for 10-15 minutes, let stand all night with the lid on and drink before each meal tablespoon;
  • eat every day a Cup of walnut kernels for two-three doses; the effect of the treatment will increase if the nuts will drink goat’s milk. 20-30 days, you will experience a positive treatment outcome;
  • easy popular recipe for impotence: cook every day black raisins in milk home in the first 7 days — a glass of milk 30 g of raisins, increasing the number to 50 g. Eat the raisins after it is sufficiently cooked and cooled;
  • brew in a Cup of boiling water one tablespoon of the mixture combined with 10 g of flowers of Helichrysum and calendula, 30 g of dried herb St. John’s wort and 25 g of crushed roots of Valerian. Filter the infusion and drink a tablespoon once or twice a day;
  • the success of impotence treatment — the refusal of harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol);
  • considerable importance is choosing the right food and healthy lifestyle (less stress, more active movements, walking in the fresh air);
  • remember that impotence in men does not lend itself immediately cure folk remedies; you need to be patient and believe in success, regularly take a therapeutic agent.