To look young without the help of genes, experts say

A new study found the secret of eternal youth lies not only in the genes. A third of women who looked 10 years younger his age, were just the right life. The researchers analyzed data from more than 155000 women, reports The Daily Mail.

Previous studies have shown that approximately two thirds of women that look good in old age, are carriers of certain genes that influence skin condition. The researchers decided to find out why the remaining third looked young. The experts evaluated a number of factors.

It turned out, participants who slept at least 8 hours a day, take a multivitamin and regularly performed physical exercises, often looked young. But women who forget about hydration, sunscreen and followed its own weight, and looked older.

Healthy sleep have increased the chances to look younger by 10%, taking multivitamin – 18%, regular physical activity is 14%. Women who frequently sunbathed, and participants with a body mass Index above 25 rarely looked young. Still look good in old age prevented Smoking and dry skin.