The most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms

To date, the problem of excess weight is very relevant for many people. The modern pace of life leaves its mark on their bodies in the form of extra pounds.

Every day thousands of men and women begin to fight with the hated volumes. It often happens that weight loss begins with dieting that are not always effective.

The reason the weight is in place, even when dieting, is obvious not to all. The main aim when losing weight is not to starve.

It is very important to eat right and perform the right exercises.

Complex of the most effective exercises for weight loss

Cardio exercises are the most effective for quick weight loss. Local slimming of the body slimming of the specific areas (buttocks, abdomen, arms, legs) fairly lengthy process.

Cardio also produces better weight loss – global, that is, the slimming of the whole body.

So what is cardio training? These are the types of loads which increases the heart rate.

For such types of loads include:

Run. Very effective exercise for burning fat.

The duration of the run easy pace should be about an hour.
If this is interval running, which alternates Jogging and running at maximum speed, the duration of training is reduced to twenty-five minutes.

It is worth noting that running is contraindicated for people with troubled knees, as it provides a serious load on the knee.

Jumping rope also cause the heart to contract more frequently, which signals the body to start fat-burning processes.

Cycling is very good for weight loss that not only helps to get rid of extra pounds and inches, but also strengthens the muscles of the back and legs.

The ellipsoid is a special device that resembles skiing.
This type of cardio eliminates the load on the knee joints, and thus perfectly replace running.

In the winter months you can replace the standard ski trips.

Swimming is easy and enjoyable form of cardio exercise.
In water the body becomes lighter, and the load you almost do not feel, but the heart begins to beat faster, and that means that they so annoying fat.

Dancing is also one of the most popular types of cardio.
Here you can unleash the imagination and choose the style of dance most suitable to you.

Engage and have fun, but the result will not keep itself waiting.

It is worth remembering that moderate physical activity strengthens the heart muscle, and excessive can harm the health. One should not overtax your body, small enough to increase your heart rate in order to start the process of burning fat.

Slimming abdomen and sides. For this local weight loss is very useful will be the exercises.

Standard abs workout from the prone position is complemented by twists.

To do this, lie on your back, you need to bend your knees, and the hands to close on his head.

Next is lifting the upper torso with the twisting of the hull.

When lifting you need the right elbow to get to the left knee and Vice versa, left elbow to right knee.

The exercise was repeated to a burning sensation in the muscles, then stop, take a five-minute break and repeat two more times.

Slimming thighs and buttocks. In order that your thighs have decreased in volume requires a special set of exercises, which includes kicks, pushes, squats.

Leg kicks are done in the active pace, each foot, alternately, for 20 swings.

Straight leg is raised forward to the maximum height, then falls.

The same is done with the other leg.

Then, with minimal rest after the first exercise, perform the push.

For this exercise you want to take a position on all fours, resting on the floor with your palms and knees.

Without moving your hands from the floor, it is necessary to alternately raise the leg bent at the knee at the maximum possible height for you.

First exercise is done 20 times on one leg, then the leg is changing.

Rest three minutes and the exercise is repeated two more times.

Finishes the complex of exercises the sit-UPS.

Thirty sit-UPS are done with a straight back and without lifting your heel from the floor.

Slimming hands. In order to handle is reduced in volume it is necessary to start to do push-UPS.

As this exercise is quite difficult for an untrained person, then one can begin on my knees.

Pushups from the knees reduces stress on the hands, allowing you to execute the exercise more repeatedly.

You can also perform reverse push-UPS, resting his hands behind his back on the bench, and the legs stretching forward.

Hands slowly and smoothly bend and straighten the elbows, lifting the body.

Also for weight loss arms will help pull.

They will not only help to remove excess fat from the arms and shoulders, but also strengthen the back muscles.

The end of the workout or hitch

Usually, the training ends with stretching. This is done in order to improve the flexibility of the body and help to recover the tired muscles.

First you need to stand straight and slowly tilt your body forward as low as possible, and then stay in this position for a few seconds. Up straight, bend your back back and repeat the exercise several times.

The following exercise is done sitting on the floor.

Feet are maximally divorced in sides, and then perform bending each leg in turn. The slopes are slowly, very slowly and carefully so as not to damage the back.

Further, in this position the legs are brought together and tilts have been going forward.

After that, finish the exercise by stretching the cable and twine.

Women’s exercises for elastic buttocks and slimming the hips in the video.

Recommendations for proper diet for more effective weight loss

Most effective weight loss is achieved with an integrated approach, which means doing some exercise and following a special diet.

You should pay attention that the diet does not imply the need to starve yourself. On the contrary, to starve harmful.

To eat is in small portions as the onset of hunger, it is important not to overeat. It’s advisable to divide your diet into five to six meals: three major and snacking.

Main meals should consist of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, rice and buckwheat. Snacks can be in the form of low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese or fruit.

To fat burning proceeded more rapidly, it should abandon the fast carbs, i.e. baked products, including bread, sugar and drinks containing it, pasta, potatoes, sweets.

Remember: the main principle of the diet – more protein and less carbs.
Protein is essential for muscle growth, and carbohydrates are deposited in body as fat.

Refusing food containing carbohydrates, you accelerate the process of fat-burning running exercise.

With correct diet and physical exercise, you will rapidly get rid of unwanted volumes and the hated kilograms.