The drug from baldness reduces the potency

Baldness, which began 25 years – not so much cosmetic defect, how much is enough serious psychological issue that delivers a lot of moral sufferings of the young men. Therefore, many perceived the emergence of the pharmaceutical market drug Propecia on the basis of the active substance finasteride as a real gift of fate. However, as it turns out, curing “baldness” was not a gift of fate, but rather, it is a joke: the joy stopped the loss of hair was replaced by even more disturbing, but for a different reason: side effects Propecia deprive a man the joys of love, as the drug significantly reduces the potency, although this can be corrected with the help of sildenafil 100mg.

Yet, perhaps, since the emergence of the pharmacies of the legendary “Viagra” men of the world have not experienced such elation after the introduction into medical practice of the drug finasteride. A dream come true – many bald representatives of the “strong half” of the human race, shortly after taking the drug showed hair growth on the turtles, bald before that for a considerable number of years. It seemed that the cure for baldness finally found, if not one “but” – on the part of men hair restoration was accompanied by the disappearance of erection.

Doctors of the USA and European countries are increasingly reporting cases of impotence caused by the intake of Propecia. He criticised the labeling of the drug – manufacturer Merck indicates on the label that the drug really can reduce libido and erection quality that passes after you stop taking Propecia, however, many “former bald” complain that the inability to sexual intercourse is maintained after discontinuation of medication.

Probably they ought to become more familiar with the properties of the drug, which was developed not for the treatment of alopecia, for the treatment of BPH in a dose of 1 mg finasteride is used for treatment of alopecia, and in a dose of 5 mg turns into a hormonal drug for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.