Scientists have named the raw food diet short cut to the grave

Promoted by many celebrities detox diet based on raw food can be deadly. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition stress that the fans of these diets can starve themselves for 6 months if they do not eat any cooked food.

Based on the raw food diet was allegedly able to conduct to detoxify body.

Among the admirers of this variety of nutrition many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, demi Moore and Madonna. However, the exclusion of all cooked foods from my diet in favor of vegetables and fruits, juices and salads can in a short time to kill the man, according to a leading British biologist Steve Jones. He emphasizes that this kind of power supply does not provide the slightest detoxification. Raw food just goes through the body, because the person has not activated the enzymes necessary for digestion. As a result, the use of only raw food leads to weight loss and death from starvation for about 6 months.

“Man is the only animal in history, who need cooked food, and we can’t eat only raw food — says Steve Jones. — Because of the raw food diet a person loses the enzymes and mechanisms for digestion of raw food. We parted with muscle mass and so many other things. The most important thing is that we lose the functionality of our reproductive apparatus.”

A raw food diet is a more extreme version of the so-called cleansing diet that has become very popular in recent years. It is argued that raw food is not passed through various chemical processes, they are not heated at temperatures exceeding 48S, and thus they are very useful. However, the world expert in genetics from University College London Professor Steve Jones categorically denies these allegations and urges people not to abandon the type of food, which adhere to all generations of mankind.