Scientists found a simple way to lose weight

Confirmed: daily drinking milk helps to lose weight without recourse to the diet. Milk is really able to speed up the metabolism in the human body and contribute to getting rid of excess weight, U.S. researchers have confirmed. However, as doctors have seen the effect of weight loss is maintained considerably long time.

Researchers from Iowa state University in the US conducted an experiment, in which voluntary participants, the owners of excess weight, every day to drink the milk. This project lasted five years, the subjects daily drank 0.5 liters of milk. At the same time people did not sit on a diet, they were allowed to eat the desired foods and dishes.

Regular monitoring of weight and physiological parameters of the people showed up: all participants of the experiment to the final test weight. According to doctors, each of them lost an average a little over 5 pounds.

“Participants lose weight gradually, their body without the stress endured the changes. After completion of the experiment, the subjects a long time did not put on too much weight,” said the authors.

Recall that in one liter of milk contains a daily rate for an adult of the vitamins and minerals except magnesium, copper, iron and manganese. Moreover, the substances of the milk are easily digested by the body.

Recently, scientists in Israel conducted an experiment in which participants regularly drank milk – 350 ml each day. The people involved in the project dropped due to milk in a few pounds of weight. The researchers then stated that milk helps you lose weight for everyone.