Scientists: a Healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of heart attack by 86%

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute has completed a large-scale study about the prevention of heart attack, which, despite recent positive changes, is still the leading cause of death in Sweden among men and among women.

Based on these results, doctors say that three out of every four heart attacks could be avoided by using standard advice on a healthy lifestyle.

The study covered 20 thousand healthy citizens of the Kingdom aged from 45 to 79 years, followed for an average of 11 years of observations had been conducted through questionnaires. The participants had to answer questions about your diet, level of alcohol consumption, Smoking, weight and physical activity.

It’s no surprise that healthy habits reduce the risk of heart attack. The interesting thing here is how they reduce the risk of their occurrence in different combinations, told Swedish news Agency TT researcher, Karolinska Institutet Agneta devil.

The least predisposition to infarction was observed in those participants who daily at least 40 minutes walked or biked, trained at least one hour per week, had a waist circumference less than 95 cm, moderately consumed alcohol, didn’t smoke and ate healthy foods. The latter involves the regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, dairy products with low fat, whole grain products and fish.

To the question what healthy habits are very important, Agneta devil called smokefree. The other, in her view, equivalent, but if she was asked to make a choice, she’d prefer food and exercise.

Better a slight fullness and more movement than skinny and sedentary lifestyle, she said.

Physicians received the results suggest that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of heart attack by 35%. If we add another Smoking cessation, physical activity and not-too-large waist, the risk of heart disease is reduced compared with the risk by as much as 86%.