Psychologists call tricks for losing weight without dieting

Experts from Cornell University, expressed the view that it is possible to lose a few kilograms, without resorting to diets and intensive training. Their words are confirmed by the results of the performed experiment.

These experts conducted experiments have shown that to lose about a pound (800 g) in month it is possible without having to diet. To achieve such a result the participants of the experiment helped to observe several rules, said the researchers.

In particular, one of the tricks was that the food in the refrigerator had a special way so that the healthy were in the foreground. At the same time, sweets and high-calorie snacks out of sight of volunteers.

Apart from that, subjects were asked to replace their usual dishes in plates of smaller size is, as it turned out, also helps. Also, suggested doctors should treat the choice of drinking utensils, using soft drinks and high-calorie cocktails narrow glasses. This method reduces the amount of liquid calories by about a third, was told by the doctors.

“Surely the rule is, no more distractions, because the distractions on some kind of activity during a meal makes a person eat more than. Besides, you never need to put in your plate additive”, added psychologists.