To look young without the help of genes, experts say

A new study found the secret of eternal youth lies not only in the genes. A third of women who looked 10 years younger his age, were just the right life. The researchers analyzed data from more than 155000 women, reports The Daily Mail.

Previous studies have shown that approximately two thirds of women that look good in old age, are carriers of certain genes that influence skin condition. (more…)

How many years adds up to a healthy lifestyle?

Kai-Ti Quo from the University of Cambridge analyzed the data of observations, came to the conclusion that the supporters of a healthy lifestyle enjoy her on average 14 years longer than the average individual. A group of scientists has determined that it does not depend on the weight of the person and his social status, the Associated Press reports. (more…)

Eat to lose weight. 5 rules of weight loss.

Enter in your diet 4 fruit per day (recommended, see above). This will speed up the process of weight loss, will help You to get rid of overeating, feelings of hunger and will dramatically reduce Your desire for sweets.

In addition to fruits, do not forget about the consumption of vegetables. (more…)

Eat to lose weight or How to lose weight without dieting.

Anyone suffering from excess weight want to lose weight quickly… And it doesn’t matter, You’re going to lose 5, 10 or 20 kg, everyone wants to become slim and beautiful. But how to do it without starving? How to lose weight without dieting? What can and should eat to stay satisfied, and, at the same time, effectively lose weight without harm to health? (more…)

The most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms

To date, the problem of excess weight is very relevant for many people. The modern pace of life leaves its mark on their bodies in the form of extra pounds.

Every day thousands of men and women begin to fight with the hated volumes. It often happens that weight loss begins with dieting that are not always effective.

The reason the weight is in place, even when dieting, is obvious not to all. The main aim when losing weight is not to starve. (more…)

How to safely and effectively lose weight without dieting

Overweight is considered to be one of the major challenges of the twenty-first century. Substandard and hazardous genetically modified foods, bad ecology, constant stress and sedentary lifestyle of modern man — all these components lead to excessive weight gain, and in some cases to significant obesity.

There is a misconception that with diet you can quickly solve all problems. In fact, even the most healthy diets can have the opposite effect and degrade your precious health and dropped pounds to escape velocity will return to their chosen places. (more…)