Open the main rule to lose weight without dieting

Open the main rule to lose weight without dieting it is considered that in order to lose weight, you should eat low-calorie food. Many low calorie diets serves that purpose. However, it is believed that such a strategy is flawed.

In the United States was held recently following a six-month study. 65 participants suffering from excess weight, turning into obese, were divided into two groups. Included in one group ate foods with a moderate content of fat and almonds, formed the second group, on the contrary, eating foods low in fat. But it is important that the total amount of fat consumed in both groups was the same.

The results were startling: it was found that the participants in the first group dropped more pounds than the second group. Waist size decreased by an average of 14% in the first group, and by 9% in the second. One explanation of the obtained results consists in the action of almonds, as fat contained in nuts, the human body absorbs only partially.

Thus, according to the American dieticians, the main factor influencing the increase or decrease in weight is not the calorie content of food and its richness in proteins. By the way, according to a study conducted by experts from Britain, nearly a third of women attempt to lose weight through diet leads to the opposite results: on average, instead of lose, they gain up to 2 pounds of weight.