Nutritionists told me how to speed up your metabolism without the gym

A fast metabolism leads to weight loss, but not all of it is active. Meanwhile, experts say, “Wake up” your metabolism, you can use the available funds.

It is well known that sport speeds up the metabolism. But there are other ways to do it. Expert advice published electronic newspaper “the Age”.

In particular, doctors advised those who can not “make friends” with classes at the gym – in General, move more: more likely to get out of the chair to spend more time in standing, not sitting, to go on foot for part of the distances travelled by public transport, and so on. “Even at rest the body uses energy, so enabling activity will only exacerbate this effect. If you can’t exercise, find any other kind of physical activity that will allow you to move more,” the scientists recommended.

They also advised to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day because lack of sleep causes a disturbance of metabolic processes, which reduced the amount used by the body calories. In addition, the diet need to introduce more protein – meat, fish, beans, eggs for processing which the human body spends more energy than the digestion of fats and carbohydrates.

According to experts, to drive metabolism is very useful to eat spicy food: pepper increases the rate of metabolism by 25%. Still very effective in this case tea and coffee. “The results of the research showed that one Cup of natural fresh coffee speeds up the metabolism by 3-4%. As for green tea, it helps to regulate blood sugar levels, relieves feelings of heaviness in the stomach and reduces the level of bad cholesterol,” – said nutritionists. Additionally they recommended to drink during the day, normal water and also cold drinks on digestion which the body expends more energy, which leads to increased calorie consumption.

Another Council of experts: to keep the body warm. They recalled that in the summer people always lose weight faster than in the winter. Therefore, according to physicians, in the cold season to maintain the form it is useful to visit the baths and saunas (if no contraindications). “In the cold of the metabolic processes in the body slow down: it starts to conserve and store fat. Warm the metabolism, on the contrary, is faster,” stated the experts.