How to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Each of us wants to live a long and happy life, and this requires good health, which will help you to enjoy all the pleasures of life. About healthy lifestyle (HLS), knows, probably, everyone, but the majority forget the details, which we now discuss.

It should be noted a positive trend in people’s desire to be healthy, although this is not surprising, because recently all the media began to mention the subject of health. However, such a flurry of activity around the HLS causes some havoc: the man is simply lost in all these diets, recommendations and advice. We decided to systematize all information we know and offer it in the form of progressive steps.

Integral part of a healthy life:

  1. Get rid of bad habits
  2. Eat healthy food, the right portions
  3. Do not lead a sedentary life — activity
  4. Take care and watch your body
  5. Watch your health

Step #1: Get rid of bad habits!

Get rid of bad habits!If You cannot get rid of their bad habits: Smoking, alcohol abuse, drug use, etc., all desire for a healthy life will be a waste of time. Think about it, what good is to treat the patient, if he himself continues to maim?!

According to the world Health Organization 50% of the “fortress” of health depends entirely on the lifestyle of the person, so You have to decide — do You want at least half to be healthy or not. By the way, a man without harmful habits lived an average of 14 years longer than those with addictions.

Remember, Your life belongs to You itself, and hence to take care of her. I agree, from bad habits to give hard, sometimes it even seems that it’s not real, but it is only a matter of time and willpower, because in this case YOU are the main enemy of your health. Especially important get rid of bad habits girls who are planning a preparing for pregnancy and want to have a healthy baby.

Step #2: Eat healthy food, the right portions.

Item healthy diet clear to everyone: the food should contain a maximum of useful substances.

Salt is our enemy! According to statistics, a modern person eats salt in two times more than normal, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. So try less to settle on the salt or salty products.

Fruits and vegetables are held in high esteem. For example, beets — a product that will help to get rid of hypertension (high pressure). Especially useful is natural beet juice, but drink it only defended a couple of hours after pressing, and is best diluted with carrot juice. Most often the beet juice acts as a laxative, therefore, it is useful to drink when constipation.

Recently, the organization EPIC (which basically studies the development of cancer), has completed a study, the main conclusion of which was that if a person daily will eat two servings of fruit and vegetables, it is 20% will increase the chances of living until a ripe old age.

Eliminate all kinds of sandwiches. Fast food is very much “hit” in the gastrointestinal tract. Regular food “dry” will cause You to have gastritis, and the next step will be the stomach ulcers and 12-persen intestine.

Drink only purified water. Drinking clean water will also improve Your condition because tap water contains significant amount of impurities, which in large quantities has a negative impact on health. If You want to conduct a correct lifestyle, then try to give up carbonated beverages, for example, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.

Dairy products will do You only good, so never give up milk (nonfat), kefir, yogurt (homemade), sour cream, cottage cheese, etc. products. Because milk products is a source of calcium, 97% of which is absorbed by the human body. Please note that milk and its derivatives products are not recommended for people suffering from lactase deficiency, Allergy to this kind of product is prone to kidney stones and phosphate to promote calcification.

Meat is the ideal building material for Your body, because it contains all the necessary health proteins, amino acids and other foods in that it not competitors. I want to note that this product last time it is very often challenged when talking about a healthy lifestyle, but doctors and nutritionists are of the opinion that meat is a very valuable product in the race for health. For particularly suggestible, we recommend using chicken meat, which is considered a dietary product.
This list of products is essential. In some cases, however, human health does not allow you to use a particular product. For example, if You have suspected gastritis or an ulcer, then Your diet will be quite different. In addition, if You want to sit on any diet, you should consult about this with Your doctor, as it can not only strengthen your body, and how the opposite — to destroy.

Eat preferably at an individually set mode, then the food will be better absorbed by the body, and all the nutrients will go where you want. To make a menu, preferably a week in advance, so that each day and time to distribute the right amount of calories. For example, you should not eat at night, but lunch should be as nutritious to have enough energy for the whole day.

Remember that food cooked at home is much healthier different kinds of fast foods and convenience products. I think, for anybody not a secret that most of these products, such as dumplings, cheap grades of sausages and sausages meat content tiny — one soy. About what vitamins can do to say, Recalling a similar food.

Products that it is advisable to eat often:

  • muffin;
  • pasta;
  • canned, smoked, sausage;
  • eggs
  • refined sugar and candy;
  • coffee;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • refined vegetable oil.

Maximum value of fresh products, steamed, and baked. Fried and smoked foods contain more harmful substances than helpful.

Allowable rate of eggs in the weekly diet – 4-5 pieces, as the yolks contain high amounts of cholesterol.

As for refined products, the industrial process of refining of the product take all the vitamins and substances that are responsible for the absorption of this product.

Step #3: do Not lead a sedentary life — activity!

Occupation sportability and ailments of modern man to come primarily from sedentary lifestyle. In most cases, we usually sit at the computer or TV, one thing spoils the eyesight, and the second destroys the nervous system and greatly affects the gastrointestinal system.

Scientists have found that the waves emitted by the system unit, have a negative impact on human health. In particular, the long pastime at the computer causes problems with the nervous system (observed insomnia, irritability, unfounded fear, depression, oppression, etc.), then comes the next stage — problems with stomach and intestine (gastritis, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.). Young, healthy body can long time to cope with this problem, but everything has a limit. The consequences can be dire and irreversible.

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to the appearance of sand in the kidneys, which leads to discomfort and back pain.

Also a broken posture, causing pain in the spine.

Step #4: take Care and watch your body

Body care is an integral part of a healthy life. It is not only good for health, but also pleasure yourself.

First and foremost, care for the body begins with personal hygiene. You need to take a shower at least two times a day. In addition, a very useful occasionally to visit the bath or sauna.

Integral life is to become the sports and fitness because they help the body to stay in top shape. For men, for example, fit gym girls aerobics. For progressive people living in the active life rhythm yoga will help that will have a positive impact not only on the body, but also on the emotional state.

Step #5: Watch your health

Pass medical examination and periodic health examinations once a year, to early detect the disease and to cure it. Also, if the first complaints of health, immediately contact your doctor, no need to suffer and wait that everything goes by itself! These rules totally neglected by many, which leads to negative consequences.

The main key to good health is a strong immune system. A strong immune system protects the body from various diseases, and this is one of the priorities of the parties to the lifestyle of any person. On how to strengthen the immune system, on our blog in a separate article. Eliminate stress, because they have a negative impact not only on the immune functions of the body, but also to your overall health.

Special attention is also paid to hardening. Tempering not only enhances immunity, but also overall health. Tempering your body with a cold shower, this, in my opinion, the most convenient and practical form of hardening.