How many years adds up to a healthy lifestyle?

Kai-Ti Quo from the University of Cambridge analyzed the data of observations, came to the conclusion that the supporters of a healthy lifestyle enjoy her on average 14 years longer than the average individual. A group of scientists has determined that it does not depend on the weight of the person and his social status, the Associated Press reports.The study involved 20 thousand healthy people aged 45 to 79 years. They answered questions of physicians during 1993 to 1997, and there were regular clinical studies.

K. Quo believes that the study shows that improved health does not always require drastic changes. “We didn’t ask people to do something special,” – said K. Quo. “We explored the usual behavior, which is typical of people in everyday life,” added the scientist.

“We already knew that it is necessary to follow these rules, but did not think it had such an effect,” said Susan Jebb, head of nutrition and health British medical research Council, which partially sponsored this research.

The doctors expressed the hope that this study will encourage the government to more active actions in promoting a healthy lifestyle. “This study is very important because proves that the avoidance of some risk factors can add several years of life,” said Dr. Tim Armstrong from the world health organization.