Found another way to lose weight without dieting

Scientists from the United States conducted a study, which showed that the rejection of some products in terms of weight loss works better diet. The experts made the conclusion after analyzing the condition of 74 people with diabetes of the 2nd type who participated in the experiment for getting rid of excess weight.

According to the results of the experiments organized by the American physicians, low-calorie eating principle is inferior in its efficacy to the rejection of animal products. The researchers concluded that diets in which animal products are replaced by plant, allows to quickly burn fat stores.

During testing, the volunteers in random order were planted on one of two diets – a standard vegetarian or for diabetics, which involves the rejection of harmful products in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet. It turned out that food in accordance with the vegetarianism better helping people to lose weight.

In particular, in the “vegetable” group of volunteers during the day, ate mostly vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and nuts, and ate one serving of low-fat yogurt a day. As a result, their weight loss averaged 6 pounds – whereas in the other group people have lost an average 3 pounds.

The scientists elaborated that both methods allowed the project participants equally effectively to reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat. However, in terms of subfascial fat (buttocks and thighs), as well as intramuscular fat, vegetarianism proved to be more effective.

Previously, a study conducted at the University of Iowa, has prompted researchers to make a statement that is simple and at the same time effective way to lose weight is to drink milk. Over the 5 years of the experiment, the participants who regularly drank 0.5 liters of milk, dropped more than 5 pounds of weight, while not adhering to dietary restrictions food.