Early lunch guarantees quick weight loss

The time at which the man eats, affects the speed of weight loss, so anyone who wants to get rid of extra pounds, you must have a personal schedule of snacking, and strictly abide by it. Nutritionists from three medical centers in the United States and Spain was carried out the first large-scale prospective study, which assures that the schedule of food consumption, it is possible to predict the effectiveness of weight reduction.

An international group of researchers from Spain’s University of Murcia Brighams and women’s hospital and tufts University in Boston in the near future will publish the results of their work in the publication “International Journal of Obesity”. According to the findings of scientists, the rate of weight loss depends not only on calorie daily diet, but also what time usually made the food. Experts believe: if you need to lose weight, special attention should be paid to lunch time – this is the first important condition for losing weight.

According to nutritionists, dinner must be no later than 15.00. At the same time – the second important condition! – the diet should be constructed in such a way that the main part of the nutrients had in the first half of the day. Everything that is eaten after 15.00, should be very easy and low in calories, the researchers said.

Such a power model was formulated after an experiment with the participation of 420 volunteers involved in 20-week weight loss program in Spain. All the participants were divided into two groups: the first densely had dinner before 15.00, the second – after 15.00. Factors that contribute to weight loss (sleep, physical activity) were identical for all volunteers.

In the result, the researchers ascertained that the people in the group who had dinner before, dropping weight much faster the second group. While caloric Breakfast had little or no value. In addition, we found that consumers who later had a meal reduced insulin sensitivity, which is one of the risk factors of diabetes.