Drinking water really helps to lose weight

Drinking water really helps to lose weight, as found by scientists. Enough to drink one glass of water before eating as it will help you to lose two additional pounds over 12 weeks.In many programs for weight loss actively encouraged to drink as much water as possible. However, the scientific justification for such recommendations is very often absent. And now was the first study which proved that water indeed can be used in losing weight. The results published in the journal Obesity.

The study authors randomly divided the volunteers suffering from overweight or obese into two groups. The first group adhered to a reduced-calorie diet, which meant that they ate fewer calories than needed at the current energy consumption. Participants in the second group stuck to a reduced-calorie diet, but recommended to increase the intake of water. All volunteers were followed for 12 weeks.

Hypocaloric diet consisted of 1200 calories per day for women and 1 500 for men. In the second group the volunteers consumed two cups of water (500 ml) 30 minutes before each of three large meals. The results of the study showed that participants in both groups achieved substantial success in the fight against obesity. They managed to lose in 12 weeks on average 5-8 pounds. However, those who also consumed a lot of water, additionally lost another two pounds.

There are several logical explanations for these relationships. First, the more a person uses water, the less he feels the hunger. Second, drunk a lot of water people need more often to go to the toilet, and this increases the level of physical activity that allows you to burn the extra calories.