Doctors advised certain fats for weight loss

A new study has shown that the saturation of food fats does not lead to obesity if we are talking about vegetable sources of fatty acids. This told the scientific journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The authors of the new work came to the conclusion that the regular consumption of fatty foods of plant origin not only leads to weight gain, but even contributes to its decline. A perfect example of such vegetable fats, according to doctors, is seeds, nuts and olive oil.

The scientists confirm the results of the experiment with the participation of the 7.5 million people suffering from the beginning of the test from type 2 diabetes and had for the most part overweight. These people were divided into groups, which for 5 years held a certain diet.

The first group consumed daily with food at least 4 tablespoons of olive oil. In the second group of people followed the Mediterranean diet, but instead of olive oil they three times per week ate nuts. In the third group the subjects in General, we try to avoid eating a high fat meal, regardless of the degree of naturalness.

It is noteworthy that the participants experience absolutely not to lose weight: people are allowed to eat according to their preferences. But in summing up it turned out that even in such circumstances, volunteers who consumed a vegetable oil, has managed to become slimmer.

“The results of the study showed that after 5 years, people who consumed olive oil and nuts, have lost an average 0.4 kg, although none of the participants did not put before itself the purpose to reduce the weight,” – told the authors.

Note that food containing fat, is not the first time shows during studies “stronami” effect.