Diet for fat products allows you to lose weight quickly

If you want to lose 5 pounds in two weeks and never feel this hunger, you need to eat lots of fatty foods and do no more than 12 minutes a day. Such strange advice contained in a new book called “a Diet high in fat”, which promises the most enjoyable for each person method of losing weight.

Many of us are desperately trying to get rid of excess weight through a variety of diets, however, there is hard for the mind the feeling of hunger, because of which there are disruptions. In addition, most of the diet requires its followers to regularly visit the gym, and some do not like it. However, a new kind of diet is able to deliver us from all the unpleasant component of the traditional diet.

In particular, it allows you to eat almost all foods that are traditionally forbidden in other diets and also limit the minimum time of physical activity. A diet high in fat promises to deliver 5 kg of weight in just 14 days. It was developed by nutritionist and personal trainer Zana Morris from USA, and this diet is a combination of a diet of fatty foods high intensity endurance training.

“For 12 years I watched thousands of people who lost weight by 2-3 pounds and lost 5-7 cm in waist in just two weeks, when they followed my nutrition plan, says Zana. – Some managed to lose 5 pounds”. It calls not to count calories and not to feel hunger and not to spend hours in the gym, then to horror and disgust not to follow the indications of the balance.

Its principle diet is simple, it is that the use of fatty foods eliminates excess weight. It turns out that in the time of food consumption in our body to release the hormone insulin, which needs to capture the blood sugar and turn it into cells to be used for energy. The amount of insulin depends on the type of food – in sweet and carbohydrates produced as much as possible.

Dietary fat is required the most time to turn into glucose, which means it does not cause outbreaks in insulin levels. Switching to a diet that consists of a large number of foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates, creates a situation in which insulin levels remained low, and the body does not receive normal source of fuel. Therefore, he needs somewhere to get that energy, and he retrieves it from the subcutaneous fat. Therefore the person loses weight by consuming fatty foods.

What to high intensity exercise for 10-15 minutes, numerous studies have shown that this is one of the most effective ways to not only reduce the amount of fat in the body, but also to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance. This type of training helps stimulate muscle fibers by increasing the metabolism. After exercising, the body activates production of the human growth hormone, which affects the increase in muscle mass.