Consult physician

The first thing to do with the reduction or disappearance of potency is to go to the doctor and start proper treatment. Try to take cialis generico in farmacia. Problems should be resolved by the doctor, self-treatment can only do harm. If you trust your therapist, you can refer to it. The doctor assesses the situation in the complex, which takes into account the presence of chronic diseases. If there is a need for consultation with other specialists, the doctor will send to them. Doctors for counselling may be an endocrinologist, sexologist, psychotherapist.

Therapy should be prescribed only by a doctor after conducting surveys and identifying causes of the problem.
Often need doctor urologist-andrologist. It can identify problems, diagnose “erectile dysfunction” to help cure her. After accurate diagnosis you can begin treatment. If there are problems with the cardiovascular system, cause of the reduced potency, need to consult a cardiologist. Only a doctor can correctly adjust treatment, as some medications can have a negative influence on potency.

Widely used throughout the world, synthetic medications to improve sexual function and treat impotence. They are able to heal and to restore sexual potency in 80% of cases. This is all known drugs for treatment: Viagra, Levitra, Cilias. They also should be appointed doctor, as in one case will help to cure impotence, another may bring additional challenges. For some men are more effective drugs of plant origin. They also cannot make themselves, they should appoint a doctor.