Cold called salvation from obesity

In finding the conditions under which metabolism in the human body could be implemented as efficiently as possible, the researchers came to the conclusion that cold is a very powerful weapon in the fight against obesity. Open the shared scientists from the medical center at the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands).

The authors of the study stated that frequent exposure to low temperatures greatly stimulates the process of thermogenesis and energy expenditure in the body. In other words, the temperature reduction in the environment causes the human body to burn more calories to balance the temperature. The energy exchange allowing the utilization of fat reserves in the body, increases by about 30%.

How acceptable “cold” method of losing weight is a separate issue. It is well known that the presence of low temperatures uncomfortable for the average person. But researchers say that same thrill, caused by cold, is nothing more than a short-term biological response.

“Previous studies have argued that shivering in response to cold increases the production of heat in humans, a study conducted in Japan has shown that people lose body fat, spending two hours a day in temperatures around minus 17 degrees Celsius for six weeks,” – said the representative of the University of Maastricht.

According to the observations of scientists, people acklimatiseras and gradually get used to colder temperatures. And it is much faster than the necessary adaptation to heat.