Psychological disorders, provoking disorder of erection, can occur in unexpected ways, and be dictated by such violations, in particular the different psycho-emotional state in which there is a man, according to www.sildenafil100france.

Sexual desire are primarily formed in the brain, as a result of certain fantasies, memories, or visual images. Then there is the transmission of impulses to the spinal cord and then to nerves and nodes of the penis. On the basis of such explanations, you can see that the change in the penis (i.e. its increase) is not solely the result of his tactile stimulation.

Quite often the cause of psychological of impotence lies in the emergence of fear of failure. This fear is caused by a particular influence, previously exerted on the higher nervous activity, resulting in not only the feeling of a certain lack of confidence, but also fear relating to the possible inability of men to the satisfaction of the female partner.

Based on this, in the cortex of the brain form the dominant focus, which is the promise of a pathological nerve impulses to the centers of the blood supply and innervation of the penis. As a result, in turn, the violation shall be subject to the mechanisms by the operation of which, in fact, provided by an erection.

In addition as an etiological considered a psychological form of impotence can be behavior of the partner. Features its effects in this case can be to a woman saying offensive words to the men about this sector, drawing Parallels comparison, in which voiced past episodes of her sex life and so on.

Not less important reason that triggers the development of psychological impotence is the absence for a long period of time of sexual activity as such. This also can be related and rare irregular contacts. In both cases, in the absence of sexual life of the primary episode of sexual intercourse may be somewhat inadequate. This implies excessive psycho-emotional arousal in combination with stagnation in the pelvic area, causing the subsequent duration of sexual intercourse within just a few seconds.

Similarly inadequate sexual act may imply a ejaculation on the basis of these characteristics that occurred before the penis has entered the vagina. In both cases, this “script” of sexual intercourse has a negative impact on the General condition of the men, causing his depression on this ground only growing worse.

Its share of influence have and environmental factors, in particular refers to the inability of existing conditions to ensure the normal sexual intercourse. As the problems related to this may be considered the inability and conditions for privacy, strangers in close proximity during sexual contact, etc. All of this can also cause the development of resistant forms of psychological impotence.

It should be noted that erectile dysfunction can be triggered and the already noted stresses (stressful situations) that have no relation to his sex life doesn’t actually have. However, stress becomes the cause of loss of some control over the situation during sexual intercourse, which in itself can act as causes of psychological impotence. Deviations arising thus in sex, gain importance by taking pathological. Meanwhile, in reality the lack of erection is a protective reaction by the organism in this case, although the patient, by contrast, sees her as the sudden impotence of that only adds to the overall picture of stressful situations. This, as you can tell, defines to men forming a kind of vicious circle, of a number of psychological disorders, which are present in the framework of his sex life, and beyond them, is already manifesting in my life everyday.

Depending on certain characteristics, causes, psychological impotence can also be divided into the following three groups:

Psychological characteristics of specific individuals. As contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction factors in this case include the following: low self-esteem, an innate low libido, the presence of fantasies related to unusual sex, presence of psychological trauma in the past (childhood, adolescence, or adulthood), the presence of difficulties in defining their own sexual orientation.

Psychosocial reasons. Actual sexual reasons men can be a result of the low level of skills, the availability needs of a homosexual nature, unstable family relations in the children’s his age, strict asexual education, certain problems with the partner, depression sexual desire, lack of sexual experience as such.

Psycho-neurological causes. It was under this group of factors and fall into depression, fear of failure and stress we discussed above. In addition, it is possible to add the relevance of specific sexual incompatibility of partners, or sexual dysfunction in a partner.

As we have seen, the erection in this disorder or achieved with difficulty, or quickly disappears, or is absent. Mostly this problem occurs on the background of the state of excessive excitement men, which, again, may be due to a fear of failure and impossibility of satisfaction of the female partner. A separate point is the emergence of feelings on the grounds of possible pregnancy partner or disease which is sexually transmitted (one or the other form of STDs).