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Consult physician

The first thing to do with the reduction or disappearance of potency is to go to the doctor and start proper treatment. Try to take cialis generico in farmacia. Problems should be resolved by the doctor, self-treatment can only do harm. If you trust your therapist, you can refer to it. The doctor assesses the [Continue]

Impotence in men

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, manifested among men in the form of the impossibility to commit a sexual act because he is weak or absent erection. To treat this problem, you can use paroxetina. It goes without saying that in such a situation is not possible, the introduction into the vagina of the penis and conducting [Continue]

How to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Each of us wants to live a long and happy life, and this requires good health, which will help you to enjoy all the pleasures of life. About healthy lifestyle (HLS), knows, probably, everyone, but the majority forget the details, which we now discuss.

Early lunch guarantees quick weight loss

The time at which the man eats, affects the speed of weight loss, so anyone who wants to get rid of extra pounds, you must have a personal schedule of snacking, and strictly abide by it. Nutritionists from three medical centers in the United States and Spain was carried out the first large-scale prospective study, [Continue]


Psychological disorders, provoking disorder of erection, can occur in unexpected ways, and be dictated by such violations, in particular the different psycho-emotional state in which there is a man, according to www.sildenafil100france. Sexual desire are primarily formed in the brain, as a result of certain fantasies, memories, or visual images. Then there is the transmission [Continue]

The drug from baldness reduces the potency

Baldness, which began 25 years – not so much cosmetic defect, how much is enough serious psychological issue that delivers a lot of moral sufferings of the young men. Therefore, many perceived the emergence of the pharmaceutical market drug Propecia on the basis of the active substance finasteride as a real gift of fate. However, [Continue]