Called the easiest ways to become slimmer

Doctors from the USA have made discoveries that will surely please those who want to have a good physical shape without much effort. Doctors told how to speed up metabolism with minimal interruption to your lifestyle without resorting to diets and workouts in the gym.

The best part is that the way to lose weight proposed by scientists from Vanderbilt University, allows to obtain a genuine pleasure. It is no secret that all attempts to lose weight through diet and sport, will almost always be stress to the body.

As “unsporting” method of weight loss specialists offer laugh often. It is often see Comedy. As established researchers,
intense laughter caused by viewing a humorous film or a show, increases the metabolic rate by as much as 20%.

This figure was obtained by experts during the experiment. They are equipped with camera to measure energy consumption as a Motel room, which invited volunteers and showed them fun movies. It was found that if every day to laugh at least 15 minutes, for the year you can burn so 2 pounds of fat.

Specialists were called, and other unusual methods to accelerate metabolism. Such “know-how” was the wiggle on the chair as well as movements in the slope, or squatting. That such a manifestation of physical activity accelerates the metabolism, researchers found, while watching energetic people, which is extremely difficult to be in a static position. The researchers found that such a restless nature is usually more lean and burn per day by about 350 calories a lot more cool people, and it forces their body to lose an additional five pounds of fat per year.