A cooling vest will allow you to lose weight without dieting and sports

American scientists invented a special high-tech cooling vest that will allow you to burn an extra 500 calories a day. It cools the body, which helps speed up the metabolism process.

Professor, University of California Wayne Hayes came up with a specific vest, which you can use to quickly reduce body temperature, forcing it to generate more heat. This process our body performs by burning of subcutaneous fat, which contains “spare” calories. According to Professor Hayes, his unique model allows you to burn an extra 500 calories a day, which will give the opportunity to lose a pound a week.

500 calories is the equivalent of the big Mac, which is quite significant in terms of weight loss. A new gadget can be present for people who for some reason cannot or do not want to lose weight through diet and exercise. However, they will have to get used to the constant cold, which can not be called pleasant. However, Professor Hayes says that his device will help those who are already sitting on a diet, because using the vest they will be able to lose two times more weight.

The mechanism of action of this vest is quite simple: by reducing the external temperature, our body immediately begins to heat up with burning calories. Vest for weight loss consists of many pockets which are attached to a pre-frozen gel package. They need to be kept in the fridge and then wear and wear on the body as long as the feeling of cold will not disappear, and the vest itself is heated due to the heat of the human body. The wife of Professor Hayes is going to personally experience the gadget in order to “burn” the extra weight gained during pregnancy.