5 rules to lose weight without dieting: it works!

Nutritionists one of the largest and best-known universities in the United States – Cornell University gave advice on how not to get fat over the winter and to make a personal healthy eating. Their recommendations are based on the results of the study, which lasted several months.First of all, you need to keep track of what food is bought in the store and then comes to the dining table. For this, you first need to carefully analyze the label and choose only those products that contain a minimum of fat, calories and sugar. The plate should be only healthy foods – this is necessary to stop buy harmful.

The following recommendation, which is very effective and is suitable for everyone – not to eat from the package. We have to develop a habit to get food, put it on a plate on the table. Also very good for putting the Cutlery on the table after each shipment of food into his mouth. Especially effective this rule works for those who can’t resist and eats up a very large portion. Food with the arrangement will help them to control their overeating.

Finally, every three to four hours you need something to eat – this principle allows the power to protect yourself from feeling hungry and overeating.

Studies have shown that the volunteers who complied with these rules for 25 days in a row were able to achieve better results than participants in the control group. Thus, the scientists made a conclusion, the most important condition in order to stay slim and without which all efforts will be meaningless, is consistency. Approach to its own food culture should not depend on the moods and impulses of the soul, because it is a system that needs to adhere to strictly for at least a month. You must ensure that your body gets used to the developed man rules, and without much effort they should.